New Product Line of Soldering Iron Tips

Easy Braid Co. has introduced a new product line of soldering iron tips. Easy Braid tips are available in two series. One series is compatible with Hakko's 900M series of soldering equipment; the other uses the Curie Heat Technology like those of Metcal's MX-500 and MX-5000. Not to be confused with Thermaltronics tips, the Easy Braid EBM series of tips are 100% tested, offer easier temperature identification, have better contact points, and tip plating that's more conducive to longer life. "The electronics industry will welcome another source for soldering iron tips," states John Webber, National Sales Manager of Easy Braid Co. "The fact that they are safe, reliable, consistent, and competitive will make these new products a definite WIN for our customers."

These products are immediately available from: Economic Packaging,Technimark, Stellar Technologies, Marc Technologies, TC Services, Mark Electronics and Digi-Key.


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