ISPnano-MUX - Multi channel multiplexed ISP Programming System

The "ISPnano-MUX" is a state-of-the-art production In-System Programming (ISP) system designed to sequentially program up to 8 target devices. The system is aimed at production programming of PCB panels where each PCB has a programmable IC on it.

The programmer uses a single integrated 'ISPnano programmer' which is then multiplexed sequentially to each UUT on the PCB panel. This allows the system to sequentially program up to 8 individual UUTs, one after the other.

The sequential multiplexing approach supports programming of only one UUT at a time which means that the programming time for a panel of PCBs which will be significantly longer than if an individual programmer was used for each channel. However, for many programming applications, the programming time is very short anyway or is not the most important factor in the system, so this multiplexed approach would work very well.

The programming signals for each programming channel are multiplexed using high-quality analogue switches to each UUT in turn. The power signals (TVCC, VPP and EXT-VCC) are all individually switched to each UUT using relays. This approach allows the power to each UUT to be individually controlled and measured and means that only a single UUT is then powered on at any point in time making it possible to detect short circuits and other faults for an individual UUT.

The ISPnano-MUX programmer is capable of operating in 'Standalone Mode' where any one of 64 independent 'Programming Projects' can be executed via a remote command. The programmer also features a 4-wire TTL Remote Control interface making it ideal for interfacing to any ATE or In-Circuit Tester (ICT). A special 'Start Signal' can be used to detect when a Test Fixture lid has been closed and thereby automatically start a programming operation.

Main Features
  •     Supports sequential programming of 2 x Target Boards (DUTs)
  •     A single 'ISPnano Series 3' programmer is multiplexed sequentially to 2 x individual Target Boards (DUTs)
  •     All programming signals are multiplexed to each UUT using high-quality analogue switches
  •     All programming signals are fully ESD and over-voltage protected
  •     All passive / power signals (Target VCC, Target Vpp and EXT-VCC power signals) are switched via individual high-quality relays to each UUT
  •     Power is always switched off to the target UUT before switching to the next UUT thus providing very long relay contact life
  •     Each programming channel features its own interchangeable 'I/O Connector Module' with relays and any custom target connectors
  •     Status indicators include - current channel being programmed and PASS / BUSY / FAIL
  •     Controllable via a PC using the Equinox EDS, ConsoleEDS or ISP-PRO software utilities
  •     Channel multiplexer control can be controlled either via the PC or a remote system


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