Fairchild Semiconductor Showcases LED Lighting Solutions for Low-, Mid- and High-Power Applications at LpS 2012

At the 2nd International LED professional Symposium + Expo (LpS 2012), 25-27 September, 2012, in Bregenz, Austria, Fairchild Semiconductor, (NYSE: FCS) a leading global supplier of high performance power and mobile products, will demonstrate  low-, mid-, and high-power LED driver applications.

Demonstrations will include Fairchild’s highly integrated PFC and PWM controllers that allow designers to reduce bill-of-material (BOM) count, enable smaller lamp sizes, eliminate design complexity and improve overall lighting efficiency.

Fairchild experts will be focused on LED driver applications in booth C11 with demos including:
  • The FL7730 single-stage primary side regulation (PSR) controller with power factor correction (PFC), TRIAC and analog dimming compatibility, as well as the FL7732 for non-dimming applications. The FL7730 is an active PFC controller for single-stage flyback topology designs and implemented with Fairchild’s unique analog sensing technology, the device can achieve TRIAC dimming control without flicker over the full range of 0 to 100 percent light output.
  • The FL7701 smart non-isolated buck LED driver with PFC uses a digital technique that allows it to automatically detect the AC input voltage condition, allowing it to create a special internal reference signal that results in high power factor correction. The device will also work from a DC input voltage condition, automatically sensing AC versus DC input voltage conditions. The traditional technique of using a transformer in an MR application incurs additional losses with the transformer conversion; this traditional inefficient method can now be replaced using the FL7701 connected directly to a DC or AC off-line input.
  • The FLS0116, FLS3217 and FLS3247 with integrated MOSFET and PFC are optimally designed for low-power LED applications. With the addition of the integrated power MOSFET, these devices help to minimize board space and overall component count while decreasing design time. Equipped with cycle-by-cycle current limiting and integrated protection features such as over temperature protection (OTP) and under-voltage lockout (UVLO) these devices help to significantly improve LED lamp system reliability.
Fairchild Semiconductor provides solutions for all lighting applications including linear fluorescent ballast, compact fluorescent ballast, LED and HID. Our extensive product portfolio ranges from discrete to integrated solutions that contain PFC controllers, ballast control ICs, high-voltage gate drivers and MOSFETs.


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