Smartphones Need More Than Ever – But Smaller Than Ever

With the ongoing and strong demand for smartphones to pack more features into a small form factor, TDK Corporation is successfully leveraging the strengths of both TDK’s and EPCOS' technologies to achieve new dimensions in miniaturization and integration and offer compact products with extremely low insertion heights.

The technological breakthroughs for TDK and EPCOS products span the whole range of functions for smartphones from the audio right the way through to the RF sections plus EMC protection. The company offers a whole raft of technologies and products to enable the designer to produce the highest value performance demanded in this particularly competitive business arena spanning high integration, new materials and innovative packaging. In addition, TDK offers solutions based on thin-film and MEMS technologies.

The next mobile radio generation LTE (Long-Term Evolution), smartphones must support even more frequency bands in addition to bands for existing 2G and 3G networks, driving the need for additional miniaturized components; (SAW filters, duplexers, power amplifiers etc.). Smartphone manufacturers must integrate functions and construction elements without influencing the size and importantly, the thickness of the phone. Against this background, the insertion height of miniaturized components has become one of the decisive challenges in creating competitive components.


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