Octoplex Power Management Promotes Eco-Friendly Vessel

Maretron’s N2KView® and Carling Technologies’ OctoPlex™ have teamed up to provide eco-friendly vessel power management.

OctoPlex’s touchscreen control of AC/DC circuit protection enables remote placement of breaker panels close to loads, the elimination of extensive home-run wiring to main panels, and substantial savings in wire, weight, and installation costs. Panels may be placed in unobtrusive, hidden locations, freeing up valuable cabin space onboard. Dual NMEA2000 communication plus redundant component architecture virtually eliminate the possibility of single-point failure. A generic module can replace any failed DC breaker and immediately assume the previous breaker’s settings. With over 30,000 OctoPlex DC circuit breakers currently in use, fewer than eight returned breakers have failed. The AC panels employ standard Carling breakers with manual operation capability, plus dual-bus communications.

Multi-function capabilities
OctoPlex will monitor AC power, batteries, DC open-load condition, and power feeds for alarming or for device activation, plus operate any desired single or multiple breakers from a mechanical switch. Any combination of AC or DC breakers may be activated. For example, one switch could turn off, or on, all outside lighting. Bilge and sump pump installation would utilize off-system circuit protectors to supply float-switch power, monitored by OctoPlex, and touchscreen manual pump operation and test. Maretron’s N2KView vessel monitoring displays NMEA2000 device data, with alarm functionality and touchscreen control of equipment such as air conditioners, ice makers, and watermakers. Displayed information may include engine and generator data, tankage, AC/DC electrical, battery monitoring, vessel position, course, weather, cameras, and much more. Display pages may be easily custom configured by the operator.

Mobile device compatibility
Apple and Android devices may run N2KView (the app is available at no charge). Page views may be easily configured by the user on the vessel’s N2KView server, and downloaded locally or remotely to the devices. Alerts may be configured for instant messaging or email notification. Maretron also offers a cloud service for offvessel connection. Owners may link to their vessels from virtually anywhere to view data and cameras, plus remotely control desired loads such as water heaters, air conditioners, and lighting. This not only saves electricity but also allows them to enjoy the convenience of setting devices as desired for later arrival at the vessel. If a high-water alarm is received subsequent to a float switch failure, the appropriate bilge pump could be activated while the owner is away from the vessel. Live cameras may also be viewed remotely. An owner could provide a function limited N2KView configuration to friends and relatives, enabling them to remotely view boat location, speed, course, weather conditions, plus live outside cameras.

Seamless operation
Working together, N2KView and OctoPlex have achieved seamless operation of vessel automatic load shedding. Any breakers may be listed in priority for load shedding. N2KView will automatically shed and reconnect the breakers in priority to prevent exceeding entered not-to-exceed amperages set for up to two power sources. Less power will be used during peak demand periods, and the aggravation of dock breaker tripping will be virtually eliminated. During times the galley is active, guests are taking showers, and hair dryers are being used, those totally aggravating blackout power shutdowns may be avoided. Additionally, automatic load shedding can facilitate the installation of appropriately sized generators, resulting in improved generator loading and longevity, plus weight and cost savings.

Together, OctoPlex and N2KView work to make an eco-friendly vessel. Enjoy the benefits of Green SeaEnergy.


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