New Pressure Transducer Assures Airflow Integrity

As the demand for more energy efficient cooling grows, the need for measuring the pressure at each source of heat generation will follow. To meet this need, ATS has introduced the     PTM-1000™ Pressure Transducer Module, a four-channel, research quality test instrument, used for measuring differential pressure in electronics enclosures.

For thermal characterization applications, the PTM-1000™ is capable of measuring pressure drop across channels in circuit cards and assemblies; differential pressure across Pitot tubes and orifice plates; intake-to-exhaust pressure drop in forced convection cooling systems; and pressure drop across in-line filters. The instrument’s user-friendly application software provides easy data viewing and logging. Four channels of pressure data can be saved as a function of elapsed time for a study of raw data history.

The PTM-1000™ module measures a wide range of pressures, starting at 0-0.15 PSI. It can be used for precise measurements in telecommunications, networking, embedded computing and other high performance electronics applications. Data accuracy is within 1% of the full scale. The pressure transducer is capable of measuring pressure at temperatures from -40° to 120°C with data accuracy within 1% of full scale. 

ATS also offers its pressure transducer as a stand-alone board, the PTB-1000™, for OEM applications or system integration.


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