New Instrument Converts Digital Air Temperature and Velocity Data to Analog Output

Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc., (“ATS”) has introduced the DAC-200™ Digital-to-Analog Converter for providing precise analog output of air temperature and air velocity data that is linearly proportional to data collected by digital instruments onto a PC.

The DAC-200™ works in conjunction with the widely-used, digitally-based ATVS-2020™, eATVS-4™ and eATVS-8™ temperature and velocity scanners provided by ATS. The digital output from these instruments is fed to the DAC-200™ via a USB port on the integral PC where the data is stored. The digital data is converted to analog voltage that is linearly proportional to the measured velocity and temperature.

The DAC-200™ system is capable of outputting 32 analog signals from 32 separate sensors. This allows comprehensive, multi-point air temperature/velocity measurements to be linearly provided to analog-based instruments. In many industrial applications and control systems, an analog voltage is needed to integrate with analog voltages from other sensors.

The new digital-to-analog converter is operated using ATS’ stageDAC™ software, which allows the user to specify which analog outputs are for air velocity and which are for temperature. The output can convert digitally-measured airflows in the range of 0-50 m/s, 0-25 m/s and 0-10 m/s to linear voltage. It can convert air temperatures from -10°C to 90°C to linear output.

The linear analog output for air velocity and temperature makes the integration simple, free of complicated conversions and versatile. It can be used in any data acquisition system. The DAC-200™ provides linear output with an accuracy range of +/- 2% air velocity and +/- 1% temperature.

Industries where the DAC-200™ can be used include telecommunications, automotive, medical instrumentation, pneumatic controls, HVAC, industrial automation and process controls.


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