Measuring and Calibrating ECUs with a Data Throughput of up to 30 MByte/sec

The VX1000 System is a scalable solution with top performance for your measurement and calibration tasks. It can be used in the vehicle – both in the interior and in the engine compartment –, on test benches and in the laboratory.

The system forms the interface between the ECU and a measurement and calibration tool such as CANape. For high data throughput with minimal impact on ECU run-time, data is accessed over the microcontroller-specific data trace and debug ports.

Overview of Advantages:
  •     Very small adapter (POD) for the ECU interface
  •     High measurement data throughput of up to 30 Mbyte/sec
  •     Short measurement intervals of less than 15 µs possible
  •     Function bypassing with very short latency times
  •     Flash programming of "brain-dead" ECUs
  •     Just minor ECU code changes for measurement data acquisition
  •     No impact on ECU run-time with data trace measurement method
  •     Galvanically isolated power supply with wide input voltage range
  •     Connection over standardized ASAM protocol XCP on Ethernet
  •     Four fully-featured CAN channels and one FlexRay monitoring channel


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