Gap Pad VO Ultimate

Gap Pad® VO Ultimate is a robust, highly compliant product that is ideal for both small and large gap designs. The fiberglass carrier on one side of the material allows ease of rework, excellent handling characteristics and puncture resistance. Additionally the fiberglass carrier has a slight inherent tack, minimizing any shifting during assembly.

The conformable and elastic nature of Gap Pad® VO Ultimate allows excellent interfacing and wet-out characteristics, even to surfaces with a high degree of roughness or uneven topography.

The construction of Gap Pad® VO Ultimate; one side has high inherent tack, while the other side has minimal tack. This combination is useful for manual and automated processes.

Features and Benefits
  •     Thermal conductivity: 1.3 W/m-K
  •     Ultra conformability
  •     Gel-like modulus
  •     Excellent rebound
  •     Decreased strain
  •     Remarkable handling
  •     Electrically isolating


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