F-Series Circuit Breaker with UL489

The F-Series high amperage circuit breakers are designed to handle high current applications in extremely hot and/or cold locations. Due to its time-proven hydraulic/magnetic design, the F-Series load sensing mechanism is insenstive to changes in ambient or enclosure temperature, providing a consistent trip point over temperatures ranging from -40°C to +85°C. Additionally, F-Series circuit breakers come with a choice of overload time delays, making them ideal for critical applications having inductive loads.

F-Series circuit breakers are available up to 700A and an optional 25 millivolt metering shunt construction provides a safe method for monitoring current flowing through the breaker by simply connecting a meter with light guage wire to the appropriate terminals located on the shunt housing at the rear of the breaker. Applications can be customized by measuring and displaying percentage of current, watts, or safe/danger zones.

Product Highlights:
  • AC ratings to UL489
  • DC voltage ratings up to 700A with metering shunt section
  • Consistent trip point over temperatures ranging from -40°C to +85°C
  • Optional 25 millivolt metering shunt construction
  • Ideal for applications under extreme temperatures
  • Higher Amperage Applications
  • Battery Disconnect Systems
  • Solar Power Systems
  • Military


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