EN13485 CZ

Carclo Technical Plastics announces that its facilities in Brno, Czech Republic, and Shanghai, China, have achieved accreditation to EN13485, the international standard for manufacturers of medical devices.

Following successful audits by the company’s notified bodies, the accreditations were ratified during January and February 2010.

Commenting on the accreditations, Carclo Technical Plastics Divisional President Mark Charbonneau stated "we are delighted at the successful audits of our Quality Systems and I would like to congratulate the whole workforce for their hard work and valued contribution."

Carclo Technical Plastics, a division of Carclo plc, has several strategically important facilities in lower cost regions. The facilities, located in Brno in the South East of Czech Republic and in Shanghai, China, have manufactured technically demanding injection moulded  plastic components for some 10 years. The facilities increasingly add value to the company’s customers by assembling and packaging finished devices for the electronics and medical sectors.


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