CR9650 Adjustable Current Switch Normally Open

The CR9600 Series is a low cost, self powered, adjustable set-point Current Switch designed for applications that require an on-off indication of current flow. Current levels above the setpoint will turn the output to full on. The Current Switch is recommended only for applications where the continuous operating current is above the rated full on level of 1.0 Amps. Operation below this point will not drive the output device full-on and derate the output ratings. The unit is available with a NPN or PNP output transistor for switching DC and a SCR output for switching AC. Connections can be made directly to items such as a PLC or electromechanical relay. Note that connections made directly to an inductive device such as an electromechanical relay will require a customer supplied clamping diode for DC operation or a snubber network for AC operation.


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