Carclo India

Carclo Technical Plastics Ltd announces the opening of its new manufacturing facility in India.

Operating from a facility in Doddaballapur, Bangalore, Carclo India was initially established in 2007 to service one of its major customers who had set up an Indian manufacturing facility. Due to excellent supply performance, an opportunity was created to expand Carclo’s capabilities in India to service this customer globally.  This was in keeping with Carclo’s strategy to expand on a global basis.

In 2010, Carclo has opened a new, purpose built facility adjacent to the original site.  This new facility has been designed around the global Carclo model of manufacturing  and consists of two discreet assembly areas and two moulding areas fully serviced by central material feed , air and water cooling systems. The facility itself has a 1000 m2 footprint with the possibility to expand by 50%.

The moulding areas have a capacity for 10 injection moulding machines in the 50-150T range.

Both moulding and assembly areas have been designed around white room requirements in line with Carclo’s business strategy in India, namely to target medical applications. These areas have a controlled entrance area for gowning and controlled material access and finished goods exit.

There are 30 employees on site at present and the site is currently accredited to ISO 9001.  Accreditation to ISO 14001 is scheduled for January 2011 and EN 13485 is planned for Oct 2011.


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