Calibrating ECUs Optimally - CANape 11.0 Now Available

Whether your tasks involve measurement, calibration, diagnostic testing or flashing of your ECUs – CANape 11.0 supports you with new, useful functions:

Handle complex configurations with ease
  •     Parallel use of configurations makes it easy to add and remove windows, measurement signals, etc.
  •     Name changes to objects in description files and measurement files can be handled as synonyms by use of name mapping (Thesaurus concept)
Functional bypassing in real-time
  •     A functional bypass, which is executed on the VN8900 with deterministic time behavior, now also supports CAN and analog or digital I/Os
  •     Parallel configuration and use of multiple bypassing DLLs
  •     Automatic bypass instrumentation in Simulink
Reliably manage calibration data
  •     Manage maturity level information and get overview of parameters and their individual states
  •     Numeric interpolation of characteristic maps and curves for convenient basic parameterization


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