C&K’s PWR Series Momentary Pushbutton Switch Delivers 250V Line Power Directly as a Main Switch in White Good Applications

C&K Components, a leading international manufacturer of tactile, toggle, rocker and pushbutton switches, and smart card interconnect devices, has developed a momentary power pushbutton switch that can handle 240V line power directly as a main switch.  The PWR Series pushbutton switch features redundant double-break contacts for dishwashers and other white good applications.   The RoHS-compliant and IP65-sealed switches provide excellent tactile feel, similar to a tact switch or a rubber dome switch. 

Designed in an SMD package, the PWR Series pushbutton switch enables single step processing onto SMD boards, and can latch a larger-sized relay than a typical tactile switch is designed to handle. The momentary, single-pole single throw (SPST) PWR Series switch delivers an extended operating life of 100,000 mechanical cycles and is surface-mount solder process compatible.

“The PWR Series switches are ideal for use in white good appliances like dishwashers, considering the rugged design is capable in harsh automotive and industrial environments,” said Owen Camden, business development manager at C&K Components. “Delivering switch functionality along with durability and increased lifespan, the PWR Series is ideal for design engineers in need of an ergonomically pleasing, high-power, SMD switch solution.”

The PWR Series pushbutton switches accommodate a voltage range of 20VAC to 250VAC, and a current range of 10mA to 2A, with a maximum contact resistance of 100m?. The PWR Series handles inrush loads up to 7A. The nominal operating force is 7N and operating travel is 1.0mm. Operating temperature ranges from -40ºC to +85ºC. The PWR Series switches are available in tape-and-reel or tube packaging. The SMD PWR Series switches are ideal for white good and appliance main power, particularly in dishwashers, eliminating the need for a separate panel-mount power switch and wire harness.


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