Bivar Announces IP67 Rated Flexible Light Pipe and Panel Mount Indicators

Bivar, a leading specialty provider of LED indication products has announced five new IP67 rated LED products to handle extreme weather and other tough outdoor conditions. These products extend Bivar’s existing line of flexible light pipes and panel mount assemblies and are well suited for a range of applications including agricultural, commercial, industrial, medical, marine, military, and transportation.

Defined by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), an IP rating is used to specify the environmental protection of enclosures around electronic equipment. It classifies the degree of protection against the intrusion of solid objects, dust, accidental contact and water. Bivar’s newest flexible light pipes and panel mount assemblies feature an IP67 rating to function in heat, cold and other harsh conditions and are totally protected against dust and water immersion up to 1m at 30 minutes.

“Bivar is uniquely positioned to bring to the industry the most comprehensive line of IP67 rated products, which include a range of flexible light pipe and panel mount indicator options,” said Tom Silber, Bivar president and CEO. “Our IP67 product lines make LED indication possible for products in the defense/military, industrial and transportation markets. Extreme conditions and harsh environments withstanding, LEDs can facilitate machine to human communication in any application.”

The two new flexible light pipe IP67 products are constructed with either polycarbonate or metal housing and feature a watertight seal to protect the front panel from water, dust and moisture.

Features include:
  •     Designed for use with Bivar SM series surface mount LEDs, vertical and horizontal mounted 3mm through hole LEDs, and Orca R series LEDs.
  •     Lenses are molded from optical grade plastic, which allows for maximum light transmission.
  •     The diffused and Fresnel lens options provide uniform illumination and wide angle viewing capability.
  •     Housing is constructed of high-quality aluminum/black anodized finish and provides positive locking for constant vibration, ideal for a robust environment.
The three new IP67 rated panel mount indicators include a polycarbonate option, a standard metal option and an EMC/UL rated metal option. Each offer high optical performance, outstanding reliability and vandal resistance. The EMC/UL option provides noise shielding for sensitive equipment with better EMC performance, in addition to UL certification for systems requiring extra safety assurance.

Features include:
  •     A high-intensity LED that is easily visible in bright sunlight. LEDs are direct drive upon specified forward voltage.
  •     Variety of lens options including clear raised, color raised, color diffused and smoked. The diffused lens provides uniform illumination and wide angle viewing capability.
  •     A reverse diode protected with a range of colors and input voltages.
  •     Sunlight readable, conductive panel seal, bi-polar.
  •     Leaded and wired contacts with optional connectors.
  •     Housing is constructed of ESD protected material in high-quality brass/bright nickel finish, aluminum/black anodized finish, or polycarbonate with UV coating.
  •     Suitable for high vibration applications and defense equipment.


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