Bergquist’s Liqui-Form™ 2000 Thermal Interface Material Has All Your Assembly Angles Covered

The Bergquist Company is proud to introduce its first Liqui-Form product in a new Liqui-Form product line, Liqui-Form 2000. Liqui-Form 2000 is a highly conformable shear-thinning thermal interface material which requires no curing, mixing or refrigeration. Its unique formulation assures excellent thermal performance, low applied stress and reliable long-term performance. Liqui-Form 2000 is thixotropic and has a natural tack ensuring it forms around the components and stays in place in the application.

Unlike sheets of gap filling materials, the liquid approach offers infinite thickness options and eliminates the need for specific pad thicknesses or die-cut shapes for individual applications. Applying precise amounts of material directly to the target surface results in effective use of material with minimal waste. Available in cartridge and pail form, this material is well suited for manual or automated dispensing. Looking ahead, our Liqui-Form product line will encompass higher and lower viscosity materials.


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