3M Introduces New DIY Filtrete Water Filtration Products

Filtrete Brand from 3M, known for its air filtration products for heating and cooling systems, is introducing a new line of do-it-yourself, plumbed-in Filtrete Water Filtration Products.

The family of Filtrete Water Filtration Products includes four different filtration levels and three types of installed systems so homeowners can customize their selections based on their water filtration needs. The basic and standard filtration levels filter sediment to reduce cloudiness as well as chlorine taste and odor to improve water taste, while the advanced and maximum filtration levels filter harmful contaminants like microbial cysts and lead, which may be in water.

According to a recent survey1 commissioned by Filtrete Brand, approximately one in four homeowners (24 percent) currently live or previously lived in homes that made them feel sick or unwell. One way Filtrete Brand is helping address this concern is by developing the new Filtrete High Performance Drinking Water System with Maximum Filtration Plus which reduces health-effect contaminants that may be found in water. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), individuals exposed to the below contaminants above the maximum contaminant level (MCL) may potentially experience health effects2:

    Cryptosporidium cysts can cause gastrointestinal illness (i.e. diarrhea, vomiting and cramps);
    Long term exposure to lead may contribute to delays in physical or mental development in children, and kidney problems and high blood pressure in adults; and
    Long term exposure to select herbicides and pesticides can cause problems with the kidneys, liver, thyroid, and cardiovascular and reproductive systems, as well as increase the risk of cancer

“Each family’s water filtration needs differ, and we set out to develop this new line of products to ensure we’re meeting those varying needs,” said Gretchen Hauble, New Products Marketing Manager of 3M Company. “The new line of Filtrete Water Filtration Products also allow for simple do-it-yourself installation and maintenance with easy one-quarter turn filter changes — no tools needed.”

There are three different types of Filtrete Water Filtration installation systems, including Drinking Water Systems used with Existing or Dedicated Faucets, High Performance and Sump Style Whole House Systems, and Universal In-Line Refrigerator Filters.

The new plumbed-in systems are currently available at Walmart stores nationwide and can also be purchased online. Filtrete replacement filters and other accessories are also available.


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