3M Aerospace Introduces Removable Gel Tape

3M Aerospace introduces 3M™ Removable Gel Tape, an easy-to-apply solution to help protect substrate corrosion in-aircraft. Removable gel tapes are installed under an aircraft’s floorboards on top of the floor beams, providing exceptional sealing and corrosion protection and helping avoid expensive repairs and days out of service.

3M’s removable gel tapes are available in both one-side and two-sided adhesive options. Lighter than current gel tapes, these new tapes can be easily removed and repositioned. The tapes do not pill or ball and leave behind little to no residue, reducing the labor required for beam cleaning after tape removal. Aging studies have demonstrated that the tapes peel away cleanly after nine to 12 months in use, results that are superior to competitive products.

To use, the tape is simply applied to the beam, after which the floor panel can be applied. 3M’s gel tapes offer convenient handling characteristics, including easy cutting, low roll unwind tension, and simple application. Additionally, screws press easily through the 2mm polyester.

3M™ Removable Gel Tapes meet the FAA’s recently released new policy statement for 14CFR 25.853 that provides standardized testing and established acceptable methods of compliance for fire resistance.

Together with 3M’s wet area protection tapes, 3M™ Removable Gel Tapes help provide a comprehensive solution to protect against aircraft corrosion.


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