Zilog, an IXYS Company (Nasdaq “IXYS”) and the legendary supplier of application-specific microcontrollers (MCUs) and solutions for the industrial, telecommunications, automotive  and consumer markets, today introduced its new Mini-Z ZPAN 28-Pin Module for smart digital wireless connectivity. This new Bluetooth-based module features a Class 1 Radio that supports distances of over 100 meters.

The Mini-Z ZPAN 28-Pin Module is a stand-alone 802.15 Personal Area Network that is produced in a 28-pin Dual Inline Pin package. The Mini-Z ZPAN 28-Pin Module integrates Zilog’s powerful ZNEO microcontroller with a 2402–2480 MHz RN-41 Personal Area Network Module. Designed for engineers, hobbyists, and students to quickly develop products, prototypes, proofs of concept and demonstrations, the Module is designed to be pin-compatible with the Parallax BS2 Series of modules, as well as with Basic Microtechnology’s Basic ATOM Pro 28-M module. This flexibility allows you to utilize different vendors’ base boards that you may already have in your arsenal.

The Module ships preprogrammed with a boot loader and a control shell that can be accessed through the serial port to allow control of the Module from a terminal program and to upload your code hex file through a serial port. The Module is fully compatible with Zilog’s ZDS II tools suite for ZNEO CPU-based applications. You can write your programs in C and Assembly, then compile and upload your hex file through the serial port to the Module. You can also attach the USB Smart Cable (included in the Mini-Z ZPAN SSR Kit) and have full control over the ZNEO chip, including interactive debugging sessions.

“The Mini-Z ZPAN 28-Pin Moduleprovides a complete modular package for bringing fast time-to-market solutions that require wireless connectivity. It is designed to work together with other stamp modules and carrier boards, providing a flexible design so it can be used independently in creative application designs, plus it can be obtained online from our new Zilog Store,” said Steve Darrough, Zilog’s VP of Marketing. “In the World of IXYS, it is a great connectivity feature that allows our worldwide customers to add digital wireless communication seamlessly with IXYS power semiconductors and mixed-signal IC solutions for power management; i.e., sensing, monitoring, metering and control. We find it essential in industrial automation, solar panels, power supplies, UPS, commercial facilities, buildings, lighting controls, and medical and transportation applications. This wireless module enables a quick connectivity add-on to any of these systems without the need to rewire.”


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