Speed Sensor Contract for Tata Nano Minicar

TT electronics plc, a world leader in sensor and electronic components technology, today announces that it has secured a contract to supply speed sensors for the Nano, the radically new minicar unveiled in January 2008 by Tata Motors Ltd, one of India's leading car manufacturers.

The sensors will be manufactured by Padmini TT electronics Private Ltd ("Padmini TT"), the joint venture formed in 2006 between TT electronics and Padmini VNA Private Ltd ("Padmini VNA"), in Gurgaon, near Delhi, India. This is one of several contracts with local vehicle manufacturers and automotive component suppliers recently awarded to this new enterprise.

"We are delighted with this news which further endorses our strategy of investment in India's thriving automotive industry," said Neil Rodgers, CEO of TT electronics. "Although relatively modest in value terms, we regard this contract as a major breakthrough with Tata Motors and are very pleased to be part of the revolutionary ‘one lakh car' project, which is expected to bring affordable four-wheel transportation to millions of people across the globe."

The Nano, due to be launched later this year, is a small saloon vehicle with rear-wheel drive powered by an all-aluminium, two cylinder, multi-point fuel injection petrol engine and has been designed specifically to reduce weight and to keep costs to a minimum. This also helps maximise performance whilst delivering greater fuel efficiency; as a result, the car has a low carbon footprint.

Padmini TT operates on an eight acre site in Gurgaon. Products manufactured include engine speed, position, temperature sensors and related modules.

Prototypes of the Tata Nano speed sensor have already been supplied; Padmini TT is now preparing to increase output, in preparation for high-volume vehicle production scheduled for September 2008.


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