New Diameter16mm Sealed Pushbuttons, IR Series

APEM has expanded the “I” range of sealed miniature pushbuttons with the introduction of a new dia. 16 mm pushbutton series. The IR series of sealed momentary pushbutton switches is divided into 2 families: standard models and micro-switch technology models.

The standard models include numerous terminal options: solder, flying lead, straight PC, quick-connect, but also screw. The screw terminal version, unique on the market for this type of product, withstands up to 4 amps. Moreover, the behind-panel depth of the flying lead version is the shortest on the market.

The microswitch models are available with 2 electrical functions: NO+NC (3 terminals) and NO/NC combined (4 terminals) withstanding up to 5 amps. APEM is the sole manufacturer on the market offering an illumination option with a wide choice of colours on this type of switch.

APEM’s new IR series can be easily customized. Among the possibilities, round flat actuators can be marked. Also, the LED resistor can be integrated on flying lead versions.

Common features
• Sealed to IP67
• Illuminated and non-illuminated
• Tactile feedback
• Wide choice of bezel and actuator colours
• Wide choice of illumination colours


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