APEM’s Sealed Pushbuttons - New I Range Catalogue

APEM is pleased to announce the availability of a new switch catalogue, including all our sealed pushbuttons with dia. 12mm or 16mm bushing.

• Illumination option on straight PC models
These 2 options were previously incompatible with the IP and IR series. APEM has developed a new manufacturing tool to make this option available.

• UL approval
All IP-IB-IS pushbuttons are UL certified under 125VAC/250VAC with a 2 Amps current rating. This option is now available in the order guides.

• IZ series
The range of IZ rear mounted sealed pushbutton switches keeps expanding with the introduction of new versions. Plastic and metal models, both momentary and latching are now available.

• Custom configurations
2 pages are dedicated to custom configurations, showing our technical capabilities in this area.

This catalogue is available either as a pdf or in print.


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