AB Connectors Ltd Wins New Contracts Worth $90m

AB Connectors Ltd has won new contracts worth $90 million over the next five years for the supply of interconnection systems to the US armed forces for use with mobile radio communication equipment.

The orders cover two different connector platforms. One is for the Power Off-take for US Military Armoured Vehicles and the other is for the latest US Armed Forces Vehicle Communication Equipment.

The new orders have been won by TT electronics' specialist interconnection systems business which is an established supplier to the defence market and is already supplying NATO approved equipment to the majority of the NATO armed forces, including the MoD.

TT electronics' interconnection systems business operates from a global manufacturing base supplying the defence, aerospace and traction markets. TT electronics' specialist expertise has been a key factor in winning significant contracts including the interconnection systems for all the new
rolling stock for the upgrade of the London Underground in preparation for the 2012 Olympic Games.


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