Alps Develops and Commences Mass Production of “TDGW9 Series” DAB/DAB+/DMB–A Tuner for Automobiles

Alps Electric has developed the TDGW9 Series DAB*1/DAB+*2/DMB–A*3 tuner for automobiles. Mass production is already underway.

Radio makes going for a drive so much more enjoyable. Like television, use of digital technology for radio is advancing, allowing digital audio transmission. Digital radio is spreading around the world.
Digital radio specifications differ from country to country. For example, ISDB–Tsb is used in Japan, HD Radio in the United States, and DAB in Europe. Interest in digital radio is particularly high in Europe where the use of multiple standards to enhance services and legislation on the installation of digital radio receivers is progressing.

Alps Electric, responding quickly to trends within the European market, has developed and commenced mass production of the TDGW9 Series DAB/DAB+/DMB–A tuner for automobiles. Despite being the industry’s smallest at 45.0 × 30.0 × 9.0mm, the tuner supports three broadcasting standards—DAB, DAB+, and DMB–A. The product is also an “All-in-one” type module, incorporating firmware to match individual customer requirements. This helps equipment manufacturers to shorten the time it takes to develop software.

For the TDGW9 Series, RF circuit technology and design know-how acquired by Alps over the years were used to optimize circuit design. Besides achieving a compact size, Alps managed to reduce interference between circuits and realize both low noise and high sensitivity. In addition, tuning support provided for the installed firmware enables compatibility with a wide range of receiving environments.

Alps is continually working to strengthen its design and development capabilities. In July 2011, Alps opened a new EMC Evaluation Center at its Furukawa Plant (Osaki City, Miyagi Prefecture), establishing systems for evaluating RF characteristics under actual usage conditions.


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