AV Metal NO/NC Pushbutton Switches Available with Illuminated Ring

APEM’s range of rugged AV pushbutton switches has recently been extended to include a new, easy-to-locate, illuminated version. This momentary pushbutton is designed for demanding environments where reliability is crucial.

It is particularly suitable for applications requiring:
  • Dual Use: When 2 contacts are required - one for load and one for control - either the NO or the NC (depending on the load type) can be used for the power.
  • Safety: When several pushbuttons are used, 2 contacts are connected as a chain to prevent activating both critical functions simultaneously (ex: automatic gearbox).
  • Wire or solder terminals. Wire version can include a resistor to power the LED.
Product benefits/features
  • LED illuminated ring available in 6 colours
  • Dia. 19 or 22 mm bushing
  • Max current/voltage rating with restive load of 1A 30VDC
  • Solder, wire or cable terminals
  • Choice of 3 stainless steel grades for the bushing and plunger providing increased pricing flexibility
  • Sealing up to IP67


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