Autotrol Motors Help Customers Provide “Green” Products

Autotrol is currently working with several companies whose purpose is to help their customers “go green” to become more environmentally friendly and save money at the same time.

One is working to provide the people of the world with the ability to have 99.99% clean drinking water.  The water purification system that they have developed is unique and proprietary. It provides a totally integrated, stand alone and maintenance free system that will provide purified water from any water source. This innovative product will not only provide benefits in third world countries but in developed countries as well.  After all, bottled water is not only expensive but it generates large amounts of container waste. In this application, the Autotrol gear motor provides the driving motion for the filtering medium.

Another Autotrol customer has developed a method to grow locally produced high quality food all year round, regardless of external environmental conditions. Their product is a hydroponics system that will allow people in urban settings or environmentally hostile areas to grow plants and vegetables inside their homes.  Imagine having fresh vegetables, picked literally within reach of the dinner table, and without the energy consuming transportation costs required with grocery store food.  In this application, the Autotrol gear motor drives the plant trays allowing exposure to both light and water.

These two new and exciting applications are just a few of the innovative projects that Autotrol’s engineering team, with its years of motion control experience, is supporting.


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