Bivar Launches 4xpress - Web-Based Design Platform Offers Unprecedented Response Times to New Custom Light Pipe Inquiries

Bivar, a leading specialty provider of LED indication products and solutions, has announced the launch of 4xpress, an online program that enables Bivar to quickly respond to custom light pipe design inquiries. As part of the 4xpress program, Bivar will assess new projects and provide recommendations within two business days or less. The benefit to design engineers is they will now receive critical feedback as quickly as possible to help them determine if a viable light pipe design solution is available to meet their cost and production requirements.

Bivar’s light pipes are ideally suited to applications with difficult designs where the LED light source is positioned far from the viewing surface or is obstructed by other components. Bivar’s 4xpress program is targeted to engineers facing this challenge as they design applications for a wide range of markets including medical, industrial, audio/video and security.

Before 4xpress, design engineers were challenged not only by difficult designs but also by lengthy response times to their custom light pipe design inquiries. Ranging from several days to several weeks, these industry average response times can cause serious delays in a product design schedule. Bivar’s 4xpress program significantly reduces average response times, providing design engineers the information they need in a timely manner.

Bivar has years of experience analyzing, evaluating and providing solutions to a wide variety of unique and difficult product designs. The company has built its reputation by working closely with its customers to provide solutions – some complex and custom, others simple, standard product modifications. From brand new designs to retrofitting existing designs, Bivar takes into consideration the resources and urgency of each project and becomes an extension of its customers’ teams.

“There are many new and exciting applications ideal for LED indication,” said Michael Finn, Bivar vice president of sales and marketing. “To keep up with the rapid pace of evolving technology, we’ve created 4xpress to offer solutions to our customers’ product design challenges. We have an experienced engineering team that has spent years utilizing industry best practices, manufacturability and cost optimization and can provide viable solutions to our customers. The new 4xpress program enables our customers to maintain momentum and bring their products to market faster.”


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