Apacer Takes The Lead by Launching The Memory Module with High-Speed and Low Power Consumption, Dedicated to Embedded Systems Fully Compatible with Intel Ivy Bridge Microprocessor Platform

As the leading memory module maker, Apacer Technology Inc. has long been devoted to the industrial computer field, particularly the embedded systems. Apacer takes the lead by introducing today a memory module featuring high speed, high capacity and low power consumption as well as full compatibility with the 22-nm Ivy Bridge microprocessor platform released lately by Intel. Compared with the mainstream 8-GB DDR3-1333 memory module, Apacer’s high-speed DDR3-1600 memory module dedicated to embedded systems requires a working voltage of only 1.35V, which can be applied into the module either to the fanless design or to the embedded system. Thanks to its 20% higher performance and 11% less power consumption, the module can save considerable power expenditure for enterprise users.

In endless pursuit of technology innovation, Apacer’s industry-leading memory module features high speed, high capacity and low power consumption. Dedicated to embedded systems, the memory module boasts high capacity of up to 8 GB and high speed of up to 1600 MT/s. The Ivy Bridge-compatible module also comes equipped with the memory chip designed with advanced process. This guarantees the best stability under high-speed computing. Thus it can fully meet high demands for storage solutions from such industrial computer fields as digital bulletin board, POS and Thin Client, making it the best memory device option.

The just-launched 1.35-V DDR3-1600 SODIMM memory module has passed rigorous environment tests (extended temperatures and high/low pressure tests for long periods of time) and motherboard tests for ensured compatibility and stability when used in the embedded system. Currently, it is gaining recognition from leading OEM manufacturers. Committed to delivering products of high reliability and compatibility, andcomprehensive customization services, Apacer is enterprise users’ prime choice among storage solution providers.


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