AdvancedTCA Systems with 2 to 5 Slots

Everywhere where high availability and high data transfers are in demand, AdvancedTCA has established itself as standard. Schroff, a leading developer and manufacturer of electronics packaging systems, have expanded their product range in the area of AdvancedTCA with a focus on development environments and enterprise solutions. In the new, compact 2 slot to 5 slot AdvancedTCA systems (PICMG 3.0 Rev. 2.0) the AdvancedTCA boards are installed horizontally. Hot-swap capable fan units with a cooling performance of 200 W per front board and 15 W for the Rear I/O area provide the required cooling. An independent fan controller makes operation of the systems possible without Shelf Management.

Four standard systems are available:

The 2 U entry module is arranged with a 2 slot backplane with node-node configuration. All 15 Fabric Channels are connected directly. Two boards can be assembled at the front and two further boards at the rear (Rear I/O). The power supply with telecom voltage (-48/
-60 VDC) is carried out with two power entry modules.

The 3 U system also has a 2 slot backplane; here, however, it is arranged as node-hub configuration. The assembly of two horizontal AdvancedTCA boards (8 U/6 HP) is possible at the front and rear. Additionally slots for a Shelf Manager with bussed IPMI (intelligent platform management interface) as well as a Shelf Alarm Panel (SAP) are available.

The two 5 U systems are equipped with a Triple Replicated Mesh backplane with slots for 5 horizontally assembled boards at the front and rear. Here, too, a Shelf Manager with bussed IPMI and a Shelf Alarm Panel (SAP) can be integrated. The 5 U model is available as AC version for 100 to 240 V or as DC version for telecom voltages (-48/-60 VDC).

The AdvancedTCA systems are EMC shielded and configured for 19" assembly. With exception of the 2 U version all AdvancedTCA systems, also the well-known 14 and 16 slot systems, can be operated with the same Shelf Manager with bussed IPMI (intelligent platform management interface).


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