Alps Develops “UGXZD–G Series” Bluetooth™ HCI Module with Antenna for Automobiles

Alps Electric has developed the UGXZD–G Series Bluetooth™ HCI*1 module with antenna for automobiles. Mass production is already underway.

Today Bluetooth™ technology features in most of the mobile devices that enrich our lives, including smartphones, tablet PCs, and portable music players. Automotive equipment, too, increasingly employs Bluetooth™ to allow connection of devices like smartphones and portable music, enabling activities such as hands-free phone calls and playback of your favorite music inside the car, thereby creating a more comfortable cabin space for users.

With more and more people making hands-free phone calls or playing music via portable players in their cars, an increasing number of car audio systems employ Bluetooth™, as car navigation systems have, and there is a growing need for compact modules with built-in antennas for easier installation.

Alps has responded to this need by developing the UGXZD–G Series Bluetooth™ HCI module with antenna for automobiles. Integrating the antenna makes it is no longer necessary to separately examine characteristics essential to installation of Bluetooth™ modules in automotive equipment, such as the realization of excellent high-frequency communication on the 2.4GHz band, and compatibility with radio legislation in relevant countries. This helps to reduce the design and development workload for equipment manufacturers.

Antenna, RF circuit, and RF simulation technologies acquired by Alps over the years were used to integrate the antenna into the module while achieving a compact size of 28.5 × 13.8 × 2.8mm. The module can also be installed in the front panels, for example, of various car navigation and audio systems with different conditions by tweaking the antenna and transceiver matching circuitry to optimize high-frequency characteristics.

Having enjoyed success with its All-in-One*2 Bluetooth™ modules for automobiles, Alps now adds the UGXZD–G Series to its Bluetooth™ module line-up and will continue to meet the diversifying needs of customers.


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