Product News: 0100 Military Panel Meters

Prime Technology, LLC of North Branford, CT introduces the re-designed 0100 series ruggedized military panel meter, designed specifically for high accuracy while under extreme conditions.  For over 40 years, International Instruments has been in the business of producing instruments of an accuracy that permits critical monitoring while withstanding varying degrees of shock, acceleration, altitude, vibration and other environmental extremes. These advanced meters are already installed aboard many surface ships and most submarines in the U.S. Naval fleet, without any related failures reported.

The 0100 now has the distinct capability of being mounted directly into a panel made of magnetized material, such as steel, without any associated metering errors.  Prime Technology, foreseeing a need in the market, re-designed the 0100 meter with a stainless steel casing rather than the traditionally used anodized aluminum.  This housing material renders the meter insensitive to a steel panel, thus maintaining the meter’s critical accuracy. 

The model 0100 was, and still is, specifically engineered for commercial, industrial, military, and OEM applications.  The meters are self-contained, individually calibrated, and are delivered ready for installation and immediate use in a wide range of demanding applications.  All scales are comprised of stainless steel with a white background for high visibility. Scale arc is approximately 90 degrees and of exceptional length (.75 inches) for a miniature instrument.  The meter is approximately 1 inch round and weighs a mere 2 ounces.  Pointers are black lance-type although red pointers are optional and military models come in a range of alternate colors as well. The zero position is at left, with right or center positions optional. All meters are balanced for vertical use, but non-vertical panels can be accommodated by special request as well. 

The 0100’s accuracy is 3% full scale for DC and its repeatability and overload are in accordance with MIL-M-10304. Shock, vibration and temperature specifications are also in accordance with MIL-M-10304. The 0100’s max response time is 2 seconds and its overshoot is 20%. The

miniaturized D’Arsonval-type movement combines small size and lightweight features with high sensitivity. Its ruggedized construction provides shock-mounted bearings, Alnico 5 magnets and sapphire jewels built into a tough, magnetically inert stainless-steel case.


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