FCI Has Signed a Partnership with Formulec to Sponsor Its First Electric Formula Car

"Around Formulec are gathered diverse skills coming from the world of the Formula 1, these companies designed what is currently the fastest Electric Formula Racing Car. The car, powered solely by electricity, already delivers astonishing performances accelerating from 0 to 100 kph in less than 3 seconds and pursues an objective of 250 kph top speed. To achieve that level of performance, Formulec counts on a selection of the best-in-class technical partners.To transmit power from the battery to the electric engine, the car’s interconnection system relies on FCI’s recognized hi-performance connector from the EV/HEV vehicle Power.S3* range, namely the RCS800. FCI has lead upfront developments to provide the automotive industry with one of the smallest, most reliable solutions addressing the high current and high voltage (250A/400-800V) DC connection for the battery, junction box and inverter for instance.In 2011, FCI will accompany Formulec whilst introducing the car throughout the world in numerous international events and showcases. No later than in 2012, the project is to set up the first full-electric single-seaters races.“As the Formulec project grows and gains resonance amongst political authorities and the public, we are very happy that FCI accepted to join in”, says Eric Barbaroux, president of Formulec. “FCI’s technological background makes them a valuable partner to support us in pushing our car’s limits. Together, we spearhead the path to a greener future in motorsport.”

“The Formulec project perfectly matches our vision of what innovation should be. Just like Formulec, FCI develops technological breakthroughs that will become the reference for standard applications in the near future”, says Liam Butterworth, GM FCI Motorized Vehicles. “FCI Motorized Vehicle has always pushed for the highest standards to be applied in its connectors, beyond our customers’ requirements. We now have an opportunity to demonstrate live that our interconnect Power.S3 solutions can withstand the harshest conditions with constant performance. We are very excited to be part of the Formulec adventure!” *Power.S3 is a trademark of FCI.


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