Medical Products are a Popular Application for Autotrol Motors

One of the most popular and successful applications for Autotrol motors is in Medical Products.  One customer has recently introduced a high-tech blood mixer with wireless communication and information transfer, built-in bar code scanner, and a proprietary mixing action using an Autotrol 200 series motor.  This unit is proving to be very popular with hospitals and blood banks throughout the world.

Another customer has developed a portable lactate analyzer designed for coaches and trainers to monitor lactate levels of elite athletes training in the field with the accuracy and precision of a laboratory analyzer.  Lactate levels can be a direct indicator of oxygen supply to muscles during and after training activities.  This unit also uses an Autotrol 200 series motor which is a DC powered motor mated with a customized gearbox designed to perform exactly in accordance with the demands of the medical devise.

Autotrol motors are used in many different types of sophisticated medical products which require some form of movement.


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