New Shurite DC Battery Management System

System combines intelligent monitoring, charging, and power management solutions in a full-service system to efficiently manage DC powered applications

Shurite Systems, a division of Prime Technology, LLC of North Branford, CT, introduces the DC power management system, a full scale DC management system that combines charging and monitoring functions for battery powered applications.  The accuracy of the power system is crucial for key industries, such as emergency medical carts, where precise charging information is of the utmost importance. 
The DC Power Monitor provides crucial power source information required in a mobile working and computing environment, thus enhancing the marketability of DC equipment. The monitor is capable of completing diagnostics for troubleshooting and evaluating warranty claims as well as automatically scheduling power supply and battery maintenance.  Additionally, the monitor is capable of creating event log spreadsheets and charge/discharge curves.  Event logs are useful for both keeping track of the battery system history and making changes in the product’s use in order to extend and maintain proper operation. The system is designed to incorporate specific curves for battery manufacturers and chemistry which helps to prolong the duration of the battery system by accurately predicting the life of the battery and charge time. Conveniently, the system can be adapted to be used with any power platform.

The DC Charger is a 10 or 20 Amp, 3 stage, multi-profile, precision, multi-chemistry battery charger that utilizes a microprocessor. The charger provides full communication with the aforementioned DC Power Monitor and the system allows the end user to receive data for evaluation via a USB port. A computer program is supplied to the end user specifically for this function. The DC Charger has built in A/D Inputs that monitor and control battery charging voltage and current, while also compensating for load current during charge. Furthermore, the charger has a driver that will support the standard indicator/switch functions of a customer provided fuel board. The algorithms used to charge the batteries can be uniquely designed for the specific chemistry as well as each manufacturer’s features. This option to fully customize the unit allows for complete optimization of the charging system.

The combination of the DC Power Monitor and Charger provides a robust and unique system, capable of full battery power charging, management, and data capture/logging. The system is designed to operate as a single source solution for DC power management and is UL60601 approved for all medical applications.


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