Apacer Rolls Out SAFD 25A SSD To Provide Optimal Enterprise Cloud-Based Storage

As cloud computing becomes a mainstream, it is essential for enterprise servers to improve capacities and data transmission speeds. Apacer is taking cloud computing as one of its core areas of development, and has created the SAFD 25A - a SATA 3.0 SSD that boasts both capacity and performance gains to address the needs of this industry. This is a high-end SSD targeted for cloud-based computing, featuring outstanding efficiency, based on high IOPs, and a large storage capacity of 512GB. It aims to optimize data storage variables in cloud computing centers by providing speed within a stable and power-saving operating environment.

By using the exceptional features of SSDs suchasanti-shock, anti-vibration, low-power consumption, and high-speed data transmission, Apacer expects to help enterprise servers to improve their data access constraints and, in doing so, take the place of traditional hard drives. This can all be accomplished in tandem with cutting a large amount of the cooling cost, providing ground-breaking efficiency to create an increasingly reliable operating environment.

In terms of performance and capacity, the SAFD 25A SSD adopts the SATA 3.0 interface, achieving twice the processing capacity of preceding SATA IIinterfaces. It boasts a maximum sequential speed of 475/360 MB/sec and IOPs of up to 50,000, making it as efficient as a RAID array consisting of 50 ~ 60 mechanical hard drives. By utilizing this SSD to access data, enterprise clients will have superior overall data processing capability and save the floor space cost of Data Center.

Besides industrial SSDs with SLC chips, the SAFD 25A series also offers a storage solution that adopts MLC chips, the SAFD25A-M, presenting an option for clients with budget concerns.

With more than 10 years of experience in the SSD market, Apacer is famed for its ever-increasing shipment volumes, excellent ability for customizations, rigorous manufacturing techniques and timely technical support. It is one of the few Taiwan-based SSD suppliers capable of developing hardware, software and firmware, with a production quality and efficiency recognized by Tier-1 tech giants in the U.S.and Japan.

According to the latest report from Gartner 2012, Apacer has become one of the top 10 PC SSD suppliers in the world. Dedicated to achieving the highest quality, Apacer’s full range of products have passed rigorous reliability tests for temperature, humidity, shock and vibration. Furthermore, post-mass production ORT (on-going reliability testing) is performed for ensured stability and lifespan of products.

Samples of new SAFD 25A and SAFD 25A-M units will be available for customers to run tests on in the third quarter of 2012.


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