Dialight Introduces Major Advance in LED Traffic Signal Technology

Dialight (LSE: DIA.L), the global leader in LED lighting technology, today announced the release of an innovative new traffic signal module that improves energy efficiency, readily adapts to power supply changes and delivers lower maintenance costs than traditional LED ball and arrow signal modules. The company will unveil the new integrated traffic signal module at the 2012 International Municipal Signals Association tradeshow in Orlando, Florida July 28th – 31st in booth # 302.

A pioneer in LED technology for 40 years, Dialight was among the first to offer LED traffic signals in the mid-1990s. Since 2001, the company has shipped more than 6 million LED traffic signal products globally.  Dialight’s new integrated traffic signal module represents the first major innovation in the field since the rollout of LED.

The timing of the new traffic signal module’s release can benefit organizations that install and maintain signals since many units currently in use are more than 10 years old and thus well beyond the end of their recommended lifecycle. Dialight’s unique new product enables replacement of older units with a module that integrates LED signals into the housing; unlike other products on the market, this facilitates replacement of existing units with a single purchase and does not require assembly.

Dialight’s new traffic signal module also offers greater operational efficiency, consuming less than 7 Watts as compared to existing LED units, which consume up to 30 Watts, and older incandescent signals (approximately 30% of US traffic signal units), which use up to 150 Watts. The new integrated traffic signal module is sealed against moisture and has a 15-year lifecycle as opposed to the recommended seven- to eight-year lifecycle offered by other products on the market. The new Dialight product is backed by a 15-year warranty.

The integrated traffic signal module is fully compatible with the wiring that supports existing signal units and easily adapts to power supply changes. Unlike other products on the market, Dialight’s integrated traffic signal module is designed for maximum flexibility, featuring a replaceable power supply that allows users to accommodate initiatives such as conversion to DC voltage to enhance public safety. With the integrated Dialight product, the conversion can be accomplished by simply replacing the power supply rather than replacing the entire traffic signal module.

The Dialight integrated traffic signal module is now available for purchase. The patent pending signal light will be offered in standard housing colors, and the efficient LED signals provide vivid red, green and yellow lighting in ball and arrow configurations.

By offering the first innovation in traffic signal technology in well over a decade, Dialight, an industry pioneer, continues to lead the way, providing a more efficient, cost-effective and flexible option.


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