Gap Filler 3500S35

Features and Benefits

    Thermal conductivity: 3.6 W/m-K
    Thixotropic nature makes it easy to dispense
    Two part formulation for easy storage
    Ultra-conforming – designed for fragile and low-stress applications
    Ambient or accelerated cure schedules

Gap Filler 3500S35 is the technology leader in thermally conductive, liquid gap filling materials, featuring ultra-high thermal performance and superior softness. The material is a two-component, cured either at room or elevated temperature. Prior to curing, the material maintains good thixotropic characteristics as well as low viscosity. The result is a gel-like liquid material designed to fill air gaps and voids yet flow when acted upon by an external force (e.g. dispensing or assembly process). The material is an excellent solution for interfacing fragile components with high topography and/or stack-up tolerances to a universal heat sink or housing. Once cured, it remains a low modulus elastomer designed to assist in relieving CTE stresses during thermal cycling yet maintain enough modulus to prevent pump-out from the interface. Gap Filler 3500S35 will lightly adhere to surfaces, thus improving surface area contact. Gap Filler 3500S35 is not designed to be a structural adhesive.

Typical Applications Include

    Automotive electronics
    Discrete components to housing
    PCBA to housing
    Fiber optic telecommunications equipment


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