PBA Series – Piezo Switches – New Catalogue

APEM has considerably expanded its range of piezo switches, with many new models featured in a new 24-page catalogue. This catalogue highlights all the new options developed by APEM's R&D teams :

 • a new dia. 19 mm bushing has been introduced between the existing dia. 16 mm and 22 mm. New shapes, especially with reduced above-panel height and 45° chamfer are also available.

  • 2 new electrical functions have been developed: a Normally Closed output (NC) and a Normally Open prolongated momentary version. The second one requires only 2 wires and can replace a mechanical switch with all the advantages of the APEM piezo technology.

  • The range of illumination options has been widely extended: models with multiple colors (2&3) are now available for ring illumination types, and 2 new illuminated rings (large and thin) are available for dia. 22mm models

 Some configurations are approved according to the ATEX 94/9/CE directive, with the highest ATEX classifications. These products are dedicated to mining, chemical and petrochemical equipment.

 APEM’s vertical integration and the PBA series modular conception allow APEM to offer custom configurations combining different shapes, materials, case and LED colors, terminal and marking types at a competitive price.

 Main specifications:

• Life expectancy: 50 million cycles (no moving parts)

• Sealing: dust and waterproof to IP68 and IP69K

• For hostile environments

 Applications: food-processing, medical equipment, showers, home automation, car wash, marine, etc.


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