New 4 HP Module Width and New AdvancedMC Carrier Mechanics

An enhancement of the fundamental parts of AdvancedMC standard which is an important part of the AdvancedTCA and MicroTCA platform, was published in December 2006. Therefore Schroff have updated their AdvancedMC products, so that they correspond to the newest issue of the PICMG AMC.0 R2.0.

Apart from the change of the identification of the different module sizes, the introduction of a new module width is an important addition to the standard. Until now one differentiated between two AdvancedMC module widths (3HP and 6HP) at two different heights. Now a further module size has been defined, which was derived from demands from the AdvancedTCA standard and the integration of operating systems, which take up more than 3 HP, and the fact that with a 6 HP module too much space would be "given away". The new in between size (4 HP) is called Mid-size and makes, for instance, the installation of larger MicroTCA power modules and the use of small cooling units possible. In their mechanical construction the new Mid-size modules (4 HP) are identical to the existing Compact (3 HP) and Full-size modules (6 HP).

The front panels available for the individual module sizes can be obtained from Schroff's Front Panel Fast Track. Here, the possibility for individual design (modification, customer specific outbreaks, foils and silk screen printing) and the production of front panels within a very short time (delivery from 2 days ex works) is on offer.

The Schroff locking mechanics of the AdvancedMC modules were not affected by the standard issued in December. As a special service the module handles can also be manufactured and supplied in customer specific shapes and colours.

Following the new module width Schroff has developed specific AdvancedMC Carrier mechanics, which only receives Mid-size modules. This Carrier is comparable to a small frame-type plug-in unit, which is inserted into the AdvancedMC module. The Carrier itself is hot-swap capable and is inserted into the AdvancedTCA systems like a plug-in unit, whereby the dimension of an AdvancedMC Carrier corresponds to that of an AdvancedTCA plug-in unit (8 U, 6 HP). For the mounting of the Carrier in the system the same parts, screws, centring pins etc. are used. This also applies to standard AdvancedTCA extractor handles. Therefore the Advanced Carrier plug-in unit has the same appearance as a normal AdvancedTCA plug-in unit.


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