Alps Develops “SSCL Series”Two-Way Detector Switch with Female Connector Terminal

Alps Electric has developed the SSCL Series two-way detector switch with female connector terminal ideal for applications such as door lock and latch detection in vehicles. Samples will be available from May 2012.

Alps Electric has developed and produced many automotive components since introducing a fader control potentiometer for vehicles in 1975. Besides characteristics ordinarily demanded of automotive components—shock and vibration resistance, and excellent operability—Alps’ products are recognized in the market for satisfying wide-ranging criteria, including compatibility with automated assembly in customer production lines and consideration of environmental impact.

Now Alps has developed the SSCL Series two-way detector switch with a female connector terminal, an industry-first for a lever-type detector switch. The product is ideal for door latch detection. The switch is installed and connected simply by plugging it in (see Fig. 1), and it supports automated assembly. The product also contributes to the reliability of manual assembly by workers of all skill levels. Furthermore, the switch requires no soldering during installation, helping to reduce environmental impact.

The SSCL Series incorporates precision processing, molding and simulation technologies acquired by Alps over the years and employs a double-sided sliding contact that holds the terminal from both sides. High reliability is realized by ensuring consistent output while achieving strong resistance to contact errors caused, for example, by dirt particles.

The product bolsters the line-up of automotive detector switches already in production, including the SSCW and SPVQ5 Series, which have female connector terminals, the SSCF Series for two-way detection, and the waterproof lever-type SSCN Series. In this way, Alps continues to serve the diversifying requirements of the automotive market.


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