Controlmec™ - NEW - SEALED Panel Mount Navigator

Controlmec™ is a new five position integrated switch solution, designed for outdoor, dusty and humid applications, to control a unit, navigate in a display, operate auxiliary equipment on a vehicle, boat or similar. The Controlmec is sealed to IP67 and comprises:

  • One solid cap, with a recess on the back for the seal efficiency.
  • A gasket to seal between the cap and the customers panel.
  • A support ring to ensure the right position of sealing behind the front plate.
  • The PCB including the switches.     
The PCB shall be mounted to the rear of the front panel by bolts to ensure the correct pressure for the sealing efficiency.

The Controlmec is an extension of the Navimec system which includes the high quality Multimec switches, with 10 million cycle lifetime. Configurations can be made with through-hole or SMD switch versions, provided they are accurately positioned.


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