Honeywell’s Bendix/King Unveils New Application for Improved Flight Operations at Air Show

During the 2012 EAA AirVenture air show in Oshkosh, WIisconsin this week, Bendix/King launched myWingMan™, a flight planning and in-flight support application which provides full-featured navigation, sophisticated weather and seamless avionics integration to enhance how pilots conduct all aspects of flight.  The myWingMan application is an extenstion of  Bendix/King's Wingman Services for general aviation pilots that features an advanced synthetic vision system, which increases situational awareness by providing pilots with a real-time view of the location of the aircraft with relation to surrounding terrain and a compelling 3-D virtual view outside the cockpit, unencumbered by visual impediments.

The myWingMan application also offers preflight planning, including a unique Smart Routing function which automatically plots the best and most fuel efficient flight route and altitude, and sophisticated weather capabilities, like airborne XM satellite weather, that enable pilots to improve decision-making around inclement weather. 

During the event, Bendix/King also introduced the KMA 30 aircraft audio control system designed to eliminate wires in the cockpit and provides pilots intuitive control of all radio and audio systems.  The Bluetooth-enabled KMA 30 enables the pilot to control how radio communications, cell phone audio and entertainment are distributed throughout the cockpit and eliminates the need for audio wired in the cockpit. Its new recording and playback feature ensures that critical communications are received and understood, improving pilot and passenger safety. 

“Pilots today are seeking to simplify and streamline their cockpit operations,” said Kevin Gould, president of Honeywell’s Bendix/King.  “Our new myWingMan app and KMA 30 audio panel help them do just that.  By providing enhanced functionality at a low cost, we’re bringing innovative and intuitive products back into the cockpit.”


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