Simple Plant Modifications with SmartWire-DT Universal Modules

Eaton’s Electrical Sector, one of the leading manufacturers of components, systems and solutions for electrical engineering and automation, has launched new universal modules for its SmartWire-DT communication system.

When functions have to be retrofitted on a plant, modifications to the hardware configuration and program expansions usually involve considerable costs. Eaton's SmartWire-DT universal modules now offer a very simple solution, enabling users to save valuable installation time and costs when altering their systems

SmartWire-DT is an intelligent communication system for simple pilot devices, contactors and motor-protective circuit-breakers, designed to reduce panel wiring complexity and improve system reliability. It replaces conventional control wiring in panels and as such, the associated PLC inputs/outputs become unnecessary.

SmartWire-DT universal modules can be used in place of configured devices (such as pilot devices, motor-protective circuit-breakers, I/O modules) during plant modification. This enables machine builders to design and program the full configuration of the PLC and the user program themselves.

By using SmartWire-DT universal modules, the hardware required for expansions does not have to be physically present. As a result, installation sections can be increased at a later time by simply replacing the universal module with the configured device, without having to change the program or hardware configuration.


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