Zettler Magnetics Introduces New Toroidal Power Transformer

Zettler Magnetics, Inc., a player in the transformer market for more than 100 years, announced today that it now has the ability to build a wide spectrum of toroidal power transformers from 20 VA up to 5K VA. “Zettler Magnetics uses American design and support together with our Asian manufacturing facilities to offer a quality low cost transformer,” said Anthon Vermaerke, product manager, Zettler Magnetics. “All manufacturing of the new toroidal power transformers takes place in our ISO9001 certified facility and uses insulation class system rated materials.”

Toroidal power transformers can be used in lighting, power supplies and industrial control equipment. The transformers offer very low magnetic strayfields, a quiet operation and higher efficiency than standard EI lamination transformers, all in a compact size. Zettler Magnetics’ knowledge of toroidal transformers and production line capability, gives them the ability to build parts ranging from 20 VA to 5K VA.

“Our toroidal power transformers are of the highest design and workmanship quality in the industry while still maintaining a low cost to customers,” said Vermaerke. “Our large production capabilities allow us to offer volume pricing upon request as well as build and ship samples within 10 days of a customer order.”

Pricing for the new toroidal power transformers starts at $6.00 for a 20 VA unit with a mass production lead time of eight to 10 weeks.


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