Würth Elektronik Joins Wireless Power Consortium

Würth Elektronik eiSos GmbH & Co. KG has joined the Wireless Power Consortium .

The aim of the Wireless Power Consortium is to work on the development of the so-called QI standard. More than 100 companies from around the world are contributing in this consortium towards a pioneering charging technology.

The QI standard (QI is pronounced „chee“) is a world-wide standard for wireless charging stations of mobile electronic devices such as mobile telephones or mobile cameras. The innovation lies in the idea that charging through wired power chargers is replaced by a QI charging surface. By simply placing the device onto the charging surface it is charged through magnetic induction. The QI interface guarantees the compatibility of the devices so that every device, independent of manufacturer or brand, can be charged on the charging surface.

Current charging technologies make it impossible to charge devices of different brands from a single energy source. The Wireless Power Consortium provides a uniform solution, the QI standard.

The consortium comprises manufacturers of components, mobile user devices and network operators that work on solutions and standards. Würth Elektronik is currently undertaking the development of special transformers and storage chokes that will be used on the primary as well as on the secondary side. The first mass-manufactured components will be available shortly. Würth Elektronik is thus one of only two manufacturers that is able to provide both sides with its components.


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