Wamco Launches 3mm NVIS LED Products

Wamco has once again expanded its NVIS LED product line by offering 3mm leaded LEDs. This product combines high reliability light emitting diodes with Wamco’s proprietary near infrared materials to provide a single component that is NVIS compliant to MIL-STD-3009. Each LED has a very low radiance signature allowing for an easy and direct retrofit of existing 3mm LEDs.

This unique product is available in multiple MIL-STD-3009 chromaticities (Green A, Green B and White) and is ideally suited for vehicle lighting applications where directional light distribution and robust solid state lighting is required. The product also brings significant advantages to the designer of compact portable lighting equipment where a near infrared signature is undesirable and light focusing is important.

Without question, our keen understanding of light behavior at the quantum level combined with an expertise in material science, and an in-depth knowledge of optics has made Wamco the leader in the aerospace and defense industry. Wamco has mastered precise energy management technologies in a broad range of UV, visible, NIR, and infrared applications.


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