Wamco Further Expands Its NVIS LED Product Line

Wamco is expanding its NVIS compatible LED product line. Based on Wamco’s patent pending technology, the µNVISable product meets market demands for manufacturing and design. The need for fewer components, integrated technology, reduced labor content and increased first time yield remain constant objectives for high technology firms embracing lean manufacturing.

The new µNVISable product relies on proven NVISable materials and technology, which provide unsurpassed reliability for accurate chromaticities and controlled infrared content. With a smaller footprint and a reduction in height, the µNVISable product allows designers to bring integrated light sources into limited spaces and very thin cross sections. This eliminates the need for complex light guides and other optical artifacts typically required to satisfy mechanical design constraints.

Wamco has specifically designed the photochemistry to satisfy optical requirements as defined in MIL-STD-3009 with low levels of infrared energy. Product variations of commonly used colors are available: Green A, Green B, yellow, red and white. Wamco can also tailor the molecular composition to achieve any specific emission spectrum that might be required to compensate for undesired optical alteration.

Just like the other products in the NVISable LED series, this new product does not require any external filtering design. The desired light characteristics are obtained directly from the LED.

Wamco has been integrating µNVISable white LEDs in ruggedized AMLCD modules as an integrated backlighting solution that combines high efficiency LEDs, µNVISable LEDs, passive heatsinking elements, EMI optical elements, high efficiency heaters and driving electronics. This LED is now available as a single component to the market.

Wamco understands light behavior at the quantum level. With its expertise in material science and an in depth understanding of optics, Wamco has become the leader in the aerospace and defense industry. Wamco has mastered precise energy management technologies in a broad range of UV, visible, NIR and infrared applications.


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