Wamco Brings NVIS Compliance to the iPad With SafeNight i20

After years of rigorous military use of its proven SafeNight material technology, Wamco announces the launch of the latest NVIS filter product expansion to portable display tablets: the SafeNight i20.

Since tablet display products have made exponential growth into commercial applications, they are now progressively making their way into niche aerospace and defense systems. In fact, the FAA recently granted certification of an iPad as a flight bag to a commercial airline. The obvious cost and performance benefits, combined with intuitive usability, aggressively challenge the value of custom products currently occupying that niche.

The accelerated interest and demand for tablet products has also reached the military at an unprecedented pace. To support this growing industry trend, Wamco has engineered SafeNight i20, a specific product that provides full NVIS compatibility to both iPad and iPad2 products. The SafeNight i20 uses the same polymeric base formulation as the complete SafeNight product line, which has established the industry performance standard for years.

The product provides unequalled color rendering, while addressing the practical challenge of absolute overall energy for the standard iPad display. The material absorptive characteristics have been designed to optimize near infrared absorption, while ensuring an optimal transmission at minimum brightness.

The SafeNight i20 has also been made fully compatible with the touch capability of the iPad. This not only protects the glass from abrasion and spill, but maintains the unparalleled touch performance that is such a key characteristic.

The SafeNight i20 is available in different finishing, supporting the needs of various users’ mounting strategies. It is also available with a selection of high performance optical coatings to satisfy user preferences. The filter is available with or without Wamco’s proprietary “SAFETACK” low surface strength adhesive. The non-stick version will serve users integrating the filter in existing cases or aircraft attachment hardware. The ultra thin profile, 0.012”, will integrate easily with commercially available mounting products. The chemical formulation and processing techniques of the removable SafeNight i20 ensures that the filter can be installed and used in an aircraft vibration environment without additional hardware for the filter. More importantly, the filter can be used mission after mission without degradation or contamination of the iPad’s display surface area.

A keen understanding of light behavior at the quantum level, combined with expertise in material science as well as an in-depth knowledge of optics, without question, has made Wamco the leader in the aerospace and defense industry. Wamco has mastered precise energy management technologies in a broad range of UV, Visible, NIR and Infrared applications.


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