Veeder-Root Vacuum Sensing System

A new sensor system is now available to operators of gasoline dispensing facilities to assist in their ongoing efforts to maintain regulatory compliance. Veeder-Root, a leading global supplier of automatic tank gauging and fuel management systems, has developed a Secondary Containment Vacuum Sensing (SCVS) system capable of detecting fuel leaks in double-walled tank, sump and piping systems.

"This system maintains a continuous vacuum in the space between the walls of double-walled tanks, sumps and piping," explains Andrew Wert, VP Marketing. "If a leak develops in the system resulting in a loss of vacuum, an alarm is generated by the Veeder-Root Tank Gauge alerting the site operator of a possible problem."

The system consists of vacuum sensors connected to the interstitial spaces between the walls of the tank, sump and piping system, a submersible turbine pump which provides the source of vacuum and a Smart Sensor Interface Module which connects the sensors to a TLS-350 Monitoring System. Through the TLS-350 the station operator can gain access to system status, leak test, alarm, and diagnostic information.

Designed for use with Veeder-Root automatic tank gauging systems, the SCVS system is part of a new series of innovative sensors Veeder-Root has developed to meet new and emerging regulatory standards.


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